October 9, 2009

Mobile Post: Obama Gets The Peace Prize? Really?

I heard this morning on the radio that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize today. I don't even want to read an article or see a news report before commenting.

Yesterday I was saying there would be a symbolic IOC apology to Obama for the Chicago 2016 Olympic Games face slap he got. I didn't think it would come from the Nobel Institute.


Why not just give him the Nobel Prize for Physics while you are at it? He deserves them both just about as much.

Or maybe there's now a Nobel Appeasement Prize and I just heard it wrong. That makes more sense. You know - that whole apology tour and the blame America first, avoid questions later thing makes that seem feasible.

Seriously though - what has he done to deserve this? Nothing. He's been in power for less than a year, although it seems much longer. On the radio they mentioned that while the Peace Prize is often awarded in the lifetime achievement vein, this award was based on the promise of peace that President Obama brings to the table.

Again: Really? Nothing tangible? Hope gets you a peace prize now? Mother Theresa probably could care less, but if she ever had cause to roll over in her grave, this would be it.

How about we award the Nobel Prize for Chemistry the same way? I've taken high school chemistry. There's hope that I could discover an enzyme that cures cancer. Faint hope, but hope nevertheless. Or the Nobel Prize for literature? I've got a great idea for a book. Just send me the million dollar check right now and I will get right on it.

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