October 2, 2009

Mobile Post: Why Letterman's Confession Matters

Do I care about David Letterman's confession last night on his show? Normally I would say no, even though there was apparently an attempted blackmail connected to it.

Dave is an entertainer. I don't care about his unprofessional antics or his personal life. I don't care about his show. I've watched it. It can be funny and it can be dull. The point is there is no reason to care about it or him.

But - this is the same man who, prior to his apology took glee in tearing down one of Sarah Palin's daughters. That's something that should have been well out of bounds but it wasn't.

I take no glee in Letterman's confession. But, everyone who listens to him should consider the source of the jabs he gives out. And if he had any decency he would reconsider his barbs. Then again if he had any decency he wouldn't have made those "jokes" in the first place.

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