January 2, 2021

A question for globalists before we are all in thrall to China

I'm still free to ask at this point in 2021. America is still just barely, a free country. So I have just one question that I need to ask.   If you can offer me an explanation, I'm willing to at least listen.  If you are a globalist, a Democrat, a global warming fanatic, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, mainstream media or anyone else who is against the idea of America First, please answer this question:


Why is it so vital that we shut down American enterprise from small business all the way to but excluding the tech giants, and move all of the jobs that support that off shore to China ( a bigger polluter, a totalitarian state, a deceitful and voracious government bent on capturing all the world's resources and wealth)? Why are you gladly locking down businesses but allowing Black Lives Matter the same freedoms you are trying to deny Christian churches?

Is it to prevent global warming? Is it the cheap labor, even cheaper than illegal immigrants? Is it your hatred for the capitalist system that has removed hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and provided individual liberty where no other system has? Is it to indefinitely propagate a war machine for profit? Is it something else?

And as a corollary what justifies your fanatical devotion to this idea?  Are you already enslaved to China and at this point doing their bidding, wittingly or unwittingly? Are you so rabidly anti-individual that liberty seems like a terrible idea to you? Are you so racist that you believe America was founded and prospered as a racist nation that it must be destroyed? Have you not seen how inclusive America is compared to nations like China and many, many others?

Or have you simply sold your soul for wealth or personal gain of some sort and you truly do not care what you are tearing down so long as you get yours?  That's not capitalism, it's avarice.  Avarice is not a capitalist trait, it's an immoral trait that exists outside of politics and is present worldwide. So it's not something you can fairly pin on capitalism.

Is it a desire to destroy a nation that so desires liberty it has subverted the spiritual leanings of it's own majority to the defense of other religions, it's own standards to the inclusiveness of minorities? No other nation has allowed itself and it's raison d'etre to be so perverted in the name of furthering justice. It's done so at the cost of it's core principles sadly.  No other nation would do so, but you seem so triggered to abolish everything that has given you the freedom to believe as you do, that you must have a great reason.  A fantastic reason.

So just let those of us who face an existential threat of joblessness, hunger, thought police and even death from your seemingly voracious need, know:


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