January 20, 2021

Dark Days Indeed

America had a president who did amazing things for the country - record low unemployment in multiple demographics, peace deals between Arab nations and Israel, tax cuts, three Supreme Court appointments, deregulation from crippling rules for small businesses,  and border security just to name a few things.  I have lived through 10 presidents now (11 as of today), and up until president Trump, non held a candle to the great achievements of Ronald Reagan.  Throughout president Trump's administration, I was loathe to compare the two men.  Donald Trump was a great president, and his accomplishments are especially stark in light of the unrelenting hatred from the left - three attempts at impeachment in four years (Russia, Ukraine and this latest one).  Imagine what he could have 

Does he rate ahead of Reagan in my eyes now?  In some areas yes, in others no.  They were the two greatest presidents of my lifetime, I admire both men in different ways and for different reasons.  I don't want to compare them because of that.  It's like picking your favorite child.  Some might be okay doing that, not me.  Nevertheless president Trump deserves our appreciation and he has mine to the fullest extent.  Seeing him leave the White House for the final time is a sorrowful moment.

It's worse than that though. The incoming president has 17 Executive Orders ready to go, most of them likely, undoing the work of the president.  We are headed into dark days for the United States.  There are lockdowns in the Capitol to 'protect' the new president.  The party of the politics of personal destruction, and national destruction has control of the presidency, the congress and the senate.  Big Tech is de-platforming any conservative voice of any substantial size.  News media and Hollywood and educational institutions are predominantly onboard with the coming agenda.  Those who stand in opposition they want to deprogram (i,e. re-educate) or keep from working.

The agenda itself will decimate the energy independence that president trump achieved for the first time in many decades.  It will allow illegal immigration to flourish. It will cripple small business.  It will do what it can to silence opposition voices. Unemployment will rise.  Crime will rise. Political correctness will surge to new levels.  The political process will be further corrupted and the institutions themselves will be plugged with rabid radical liberals bent on repeating the corruption of the Obama administration where the IRS targeted conservative political groups.  COVID lockdowns.

Dark Days indeed.  But do not despair.  Now is the time to go to work against this dark tide. The incoming leader is Not My President (easy for me to say from Canada. Nevertheless his predecessors I thought of as all legitimate, even the ones I did not like).  Let's make him a one term president.  Let's not mention him by name.  And let's go to work.  President Trump's legacy will not be one of racism and corruption as they would have you believe.  It will be one of incredible achievements and the light to a path back to American Greatness. The only way to return to that path is to not expect others to do it for you - a welfare state of politics if you will.   You must do it yourself.  You must think tactically as if you were a Soros-funded liberal progressive and work hard at making things change.  Peacefully, but with firmness and intent.

And now is the time.  Why would president Trump bother to come back in 2024 if you don't make a difference before then.  It was enough of a headache the first time around.  Do you think he wants to come back to more of that, despite his love of country? No. Voting is not enough.  Organize. Work hard.  Not just for president Trump but for your country -- The time is now.

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