January 7, 2021

Things just got a lot tougher

Democrats appear to have 'won' the two Georgia seats.  I'm not sure where this massive, highly localized (Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan) Democrat voter turnout came from and I suspect it's mainly dead and phantom voters.  Regardless, the job of conservative patriots just got a lot tougher.  Democrats now enjoy the presidency and both houses of congress.  That is really bad news.  Expect them to warp-speed through inane legislation and do significant damage to the country in their efforts to not only undo president Trump's legacy, but also drag the country much further left.  

Many Americans will be dragged kicking and screaming (as witnessed in the Capitol yesterday), many simply trying to fight it, and many just blindly following along believing the Democrats have the best interest of the country at heart.  WRONG.  They don't have hearts, they just play that on TV.  They are self-serving and vile criminals, and that is what we are up against.


I've heard a lot of chatter about a third party.  That's about the worst thing that can happen on the right-leaning side of the political ledger. In-fighting between say a Patriot party or a Libertarian party and the GOP dooms America to decades of progressive rule.  Take Canada as an example.  We've been through this exact scenario.  After multiple decades of  Liberal Party rule, with one brief Conservative Party stint in the 1980's coinciding with the Reagan-Thatcher era of geopolitics, Liberal Party domination of the Canadian political landscape seemed inevitable and eternal. It caused a split and a Reform Party was born.  It was Canada's version of MAGA. It was born in 1987 during a 'conservative' era. It was a populist party borne of frustration at liberal conservatives (think establishment-GOP or RINOs).  For over a decade, they split conservative votes with the traditional Conservative Party, adding another decade to the Liberal party hegemony. The country swung far further left during that time.

It wasn't until the Reform Party and Conservative Party merged that they became a powerful force that led to a decade of strong conservative leadership of the country.

You are a conservative, learn from history and improve upon it, not repeat its mistakes.  The idea of a third party is fine if America had time to waste on in-fighting and an eventual reconciliation of the two right-leaning entities.  It doesn't though. You are the leader of the free world and you do not have time to mess around while the Democrats take the country further down the path of socialism.

A third party though is the answer.  What you want to foment is a split between liberals and progressives - two left-leaning parties vying for the liberal and radical vote, splitting those votes and  ensuring that a populist slate of candidates has an easier path to victory. That's what we want, not the reverse.  

Democrats have done a great job infiltrating government, big tech, education and even seemingly the ranks of RINO Republicans. We have not done anything similar with the possible exception of Project Veritas.  It's time we start influencing the Left's behavior and sew discord among the ranks.  It's time we peel off some potential DINOs like Joe Manchin.  He won't be a strong Republican, but we need the votes. These are just some preliminary thoughts, there's more to come, soon. I promise.

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