January 1, 2021

A bitter start to 2021, but with some hope

I have this dreadful feeling that as bad as 2020 was for America, 2021 is going to get a whole lot worse. I hope I'm wrong but after the fake voters have had their say and turned America away from the Trump recovery and towards a Biden floundering, I believe that I'm not going to be wrong. More lockdowns, more bankruptcies, more government dependencies among the general populace are all on the horizon. Stock market failure.  Power grabs from globalists, crony capitalists and big government will follow.

After all, Democrats need to make you dependent again. Republicans in significant numbers seem to be content to turn away from president Trump. Some clearly found his approach distasteful.  I'm not going to lie - his was not the most eloquent presidency.  But to turn away from his fighting spirit and his love of country will doom Republicans as much as fake voters ever could.

Am I bitter? Yes. Am I disheartened? Yes.  Am I giving up? Absolutely NOT.

I've been planning a follow-up for some time now to my Countering Alinsky posts from way back in 2009. That I think will be my first step and it's long overdue.  We are no longer trying to prevent progressive radicals from taking over. They have taken over.  We are the radicals now because common sense, love of country and liberty no longer prevail in America. We are the underdogs. We are the resistance now. Rules for Patriots is coming.  Hopefully in video form. Watch for it.

A president Trump second term would have mitigated the change. Sadly that seems to have been thwarted.  For now. But what is even sadder is that a second Trump term, while having offered much more swamp-draining and rebuilding of America and it's eroded core, it would not have been enough.  What America needed, and still needs is  multiple successive presidencies of that sort. With each loss, that possibility slips further and further away.

I still see potential.  My greatest hope is that president Trump coalesces conservative media and punditry under a new umbrella, outside of Fox news, and builds a media empire to replace the now-defunct Fox news "Fair and Balanced" news and Hollywood bubble with an alternative to rival ABC, CBS, NBC, and now Fox as the leftist-agenda-pushing-monolith. Perhaps Breitbart or Newsmax or OAN become another sizeable alternative as well.  Then in 2024, with a viable alternative or two to mainstream media president Trump runs again and returns to defeat the puppet Biden.  Let the leftist media howl at the conflict of interest in Trump's own network supporting him. DON'T CARE.  I refer you to their potential 2020 savior Bloomberg and the lack of pressure on him to cover the race fairly.

Win the election in 2024 and deal with the court challenges afterwards.  It worked for Biden apparently.  And after that victory, president Trump should be doubly aggressive and his supporters should not be squeamish about pushing just as hard. 

In order to reach that point, every second counts now. We cannot wait until 2024 to be ready. With all of the massive voter turnout in 2020, (barring some hail Mary miracle I no longer foresee) we still lost the presidency due to factors we had not prepared ourselves to combat. Rules for Patriots is a work in progress but it cannot come soon enough.  We need to win big in the midterms in 2022.  And we need to effectively thwart Biden's first 100 days.

As a token indicator of my determination, I will never put the word president in from of any reference to Biden.  After the sentence I just wrote, they will not appear in the same sentence.  EVER. He's not my president. I don't believe he won the election.  He stole it, or it was stolen for him.  In the words of Hillary Clinton, "he knows he's an illegitimate president". Except when I say it, there's merit to the claim.  I'm ready to fight for America, from north of the border unfortunately, but still ready to do my part.  Either do your part, or get out of the way because your inaction, as well as mine, has always been the biggest part of the problem.

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