October 25, 2017

UPDATED: links on the unfolding Clinton-Russia scandal

The story is unravelling as the Clintons' narrative of a Trump Russia scandal starts to turn on the true perpetrators: the Clinton campaign itself.

Adding links as the details unfold.

Daily Mail on the overarching issue.
WSJ on the state of the Mueller investigation of the Trump campaign
Washington Examiner on the impact on the FBI.
Daily Caller on big journalism's continued denial and downplaying of the problem

CNN is reporting on it.
And it's made it to the BBC. And the liberal Vox (albeit spun to protect Hillary).
Two days ago The Hill called for a special counsel on the matter.
IBD brings up the ties to the Uranium One scandal.

PolitiFact still defending Hillary.
NewsMax: Some Democrats are faithfully calling it a distraction.
Politico is blaming the lawyer.

As an aside, if Hillary never knew any of this was going on right under her nose, what kind of president would she have made?

FoxNews has the story.
NBC credits the Washington Post with the original story a couple of days ago when this story has been out there for months already.
New American: Republicans are looking into the Uranium One deal and the Clinton email scandal.
Mother Jones is reporting a schism between the Republicans and Democrats on the investigation.

Make no  mistake on that last one - it's a Democrat political move designed to deflect any issues and allow for a continued pursuit of Trump outside of the Hillary fallout.

Epoch Times: Trump special prosecutor Mueller was complicit in the Clinton-Russia deals.
Newsweek: Obama administration granted Visa to Russian officials in the Clinton nuclear sale scheme.
Mediaite: President Trump calls it a modern age Watergate.

FoxNews: What you need to know about the Uranium One deal.

Two days ago CNN was claiming president Trump's allegations were preposterous.

The man behind the phony dossier was viewed as an idiot by his MI6 superiors according to The Daily Mail.

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