October 2, 2017

Some people are just plain crazy

No, I'm not talking about Hillary Clinton, although I could be. I'm not talking about the vulgar response from a former CBS VP who had no sympathy for the victims because they're probably Republican. I'm talking about the shooter who purportedly snapped and killed 59 people and injured over 500 others in Las Vegas.  

While ISIS is desperately trying to claim the shooter as another recruit, he's apparently not been motivated by religion or politics.  Some people are just plain crazy and we need to acknowledge that fact and act accordingly.

It doesn't mean we can't try to understand and help them, but public safety has to come first.  In this case with no prior indication of this potential besides a traffic ticket in 64 years, I understands that knowing ahead of time is next to impossible. But that doesn't mean the only solution is to ban guns.  But it does mean that warning signs as was the case with the Fort Hood shooter or the previous Las Vegas shooter, should never be ignored or treated lightly.

Meanwhile, and most importantly I would like to extend my sympathies to the victims and their families.  My prayers are with them.

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