October 9, 2017

Happy Columbus Day, as much as you can manage

Happy Columbus Day America.

Despite what CNN and the New York Times are trying to do to demonize the holiday and the celebration of discovery. CNN example reminds us that even president Obama was reticent to recognize the brave explorer.
Never mind the disease and slavery wrought by Christopher Columbus' voyage -- or the fact that he didn't actually "discover" the New World. President Donald Trump's first presidential proclamation of Columbus Day gave only high praise to the 15th century explorer, a stark contrast to the proclamation made by President Barack Obama one year earlier.
Sheesh. And it gets worse. CNN also eagerly points out the break with history that often betides the downfall of a civilization:
Many school districts and local governments will mark Columbus Day the same way they have for decades, with no classes and no work in honor of the man widely believed to have "discovered" America.

But some cities and states are shifting that honor from Columbus to indigenous people.

At least 16 states, including Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon, don't recognize Columbus Day as a public holiday.
In any case, enjoy the day. Celebrating discovery is not a bad thing.

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