October 14, 2017

Knee jerk liberals versus Harvey Weinstein.

Whenever somebody asks me to describe modern liberalism (as opposed to classical liberalism, which is entirely different) in one word, I always ask if I can use a hyphen.  That's because my word is knee-jerk.  Or knee jerk in two words if you prefer.  Liberals constantly react with their feelings and do not stop to think about the logic of a situation, the totality of the facts, or the consequences of their immediate reaction.  Knee jerk.

At least they are consistent and do not disappoint.  With Harvey Weinstein accused of multiple instances of sexual harassment and possibly even rape.  Liberals were quick (though not quite as quick as if he had been a Republican)  to jump on him as a misogynist, sexist jerk.  There's a lot of evidence that they are right.  But just like the case with Bill Cosby, he deserves his inevitable day in court, doesn't he?  I mean innocent until proven guilty in a court of law is kind of a founding principle isn't it?  Isn't it an American ideal?  They certainly apply that standard to illegal immigrants.

And Harvey was a proud Hillary donor and supporter.  But now, he's liberal poison;
Embattled film mogul Harvey Weinstein — a once-dominant force in the Academy Awards who rewrote the rules of Oscar campaigning — has been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in response to mounting allegations of sexual harassment and assault against him.

The film academy’s 54-member board of governors, which includes such industry luminaries as Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Kathleen Kennedy and Whoopi Goldberg, voted in an emergency meeting on Saturday morning to remove Weinstein from the organization’s ranks in an unprecedented public rebuke of a prominent industry figure. The move marked the latest blow in Weinstein’s stunning downfall and, in symbolic terms, amounts to a virtual expulsion from Hollywood itself.
So much for the idea of innocent until proven guilty. It's hard to feel sympathy for liberals eating their own, especially when the likes of Harvey Weinstein were instrumental in foisting modern liberalism on America - he's reaping what he sewed. And while he will probably turn out to be guilty of all manner of Hollywood debauchery and unwarranted sexual advances, he does, like any other American, deserve hisa day in court.

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