October 7, 2017

Hey, let's ban cars too

Not to be too glib, because a lot of leftitst would be thrilled to witness the disappearance of the automobile.  However, those who want to ban guns because guns kill people should take note - cars kill people too, often inadvertently, but increasingly, not always;
Several people have been injured after a car mounted the pavement and mowed down pedestrians outside the Natural History Museum in London this afternoon.

A man was pinned down by security guards and arrested by police in the heart of the capital's museum land in Kensington.

Hundreds of terrified tourists fled the scene as the black Toyota Prius - a registered minicab - careered into a sign before ultimately crashing into a crowd of as many as 10 people as it hit a silver car, according to witnesses.
Gun laws are extremely strict in the U.K. but they still have murders. They still have terrorism. Gun laws are not the answer. Maybe stricter penalties for murder and assault might work. Maybe it's something else. The point is that guns don't kill people, people kill people. Otherwise while we are at it we should not only ban guns, we should also ban shovels, rakes, steak knives, camping (because grizzly bears), construction sites, fire and doctors who can't cure cancer.

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