August 23, 2017

Quote of the week

FYI - American government was designed to prevent mob rule.
Wall Street Journal writer Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. nails it with this quote;
Well, that was a bit embarrassing. Antifascist liberals mounted thousand-strong counter-rallies all weekend against a Nazi threat that proved nonexistent or thin on the ground. Leftists imagined themselves to be modern-day versions of the Czech resistance or the Warsaw uprising, but it turns out they were the majoritarian mob shouting down a handful of losers who’ve been an execrable but small part of the American pageant for as long as most of us can remember.

We don’t know what speakers at Saturday’s “free speech” rally in Boston might have said. It was organized, according to the local papers, by libertarians protesting campus speech codes, though they opened their platform to anybody, left and right. The meeting ended early; the speakers were all drowned out. Nazis and white supremacists, if any were present, were shown to be vastly outnumbered by Americans who reject such doctrines.

To state another obvious point, our civil liberties are meaningless if they don’t protect unpopular views. It’s not the mob but the mob’s targets that need protection.

...More relevant is the principle that large mobs are more dangerous than small mobs, and likely to harbor more psychopaths. Apparently running out of Nazis to resist, Boston protesters threw rocks and urine-filled bottles at police.
Self-reflection is in order on the left.  So too on the right, where there appears to be a disconnect between voters and Republicans they have elected.  But that's another story.

The American system of government was designed to prevent oppression - from government and mob rule (or majority tyranny).  The leftist progressives made their names protecting the downtrodden. Now that they are the establishment, and they believe they are the real majority, they like the idea of majority tyranny.  From the notion of removing the electoral college to the daily browbeating of the president and his supporters by the mainstream media  they are demanding the acquiescence of the American people. If you support that, you are supporting tyranny, plain and simple. 

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