August 8, 2017

Google: Do as we say, not as we do

Proof for liberals that those who claim to espouse your values do not actually share your values comes again; this time in the form of Google duplicity;
Google has spent much of the past 72 hours insisting its commitment to diversity is “unequivocal” after the internal publication and subsequent leak of an anti-diversity polemic by a Google engineer. The unidentified software engineer argued, among other things, that biological differences between men and women account for the extreme gender imbalance at Google and other technology companies.

...Google might prefer the discussion to end there, but the reality is there is a lot more to say about the company’s commitment to diversity.

The public relations blitz may be a corporate necessity given the virulent backlash against the document by many of Google’s own employees. On Monday night, Bloomberg reported that the engineer said he had been fired; Google declined to comment on individual employee cases.

But public commitments to diversity from Google executives do not tally with the company’s workforce data.
Window Dressing?

Google’s workforce is, by its own accounting, 69% male and just 2% African American. Just 20% of technical jobs are held by women. Google may be unequivocal in its “belief” about diversity, but the figures make its shortcomings clear. The company tends to hire white and Asian men over women and other racial minorities.
What a terrible indictment of the liberal tech giant. Or is it? The point in sharing this story is not that Google is not diverse enough - I expect a huge swath of progressive sites to focus on that, and while they may well be right, it's not relevant to my points. My points are twofold; (1) don't necessarily believe Google as an example, when and they espouse open borders on morale grounds because they don't necessarily do themselves what they demand others do and/or (2) question the foundation of the story - maybe the percentage of the population who go into technical roles who are female is only 30% and Google may not be out of line with the industry as a whole. In that case it may not their fault if there are just not enough females applying to work for Google.

In other words, don't just swallow media story lines without actually thinking about what's behind them first. If the population of America did that, there would be far less progressives running around trying to destroy the country.

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