August 3, 2017

Democrats + Big Business = Death to America

Of all the liberal canards about conservatism, the one that has become the most perplexing is the notion that Republicans favor the wealthy at the expense of the working class.  Every week we see more and more evidence of the ties between near-monopolistic big businesses and the Democratic party.  It's almost as if their desired structure for government is that of an oligopoly consisting of the federal government, Silicon Valley, establishment media and key, allied big businesses.

CNBC has reported that Apple owns more US Treasury securities than many nations on earth, in fact it ranks 24th among treasury holders, roughly half as many as Russia.  Meanwhile Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has hired a former Clinton pollster, perhaps for his own political ambitions or perhaps simply to try to help shape political opinion for his preferred candidate(s). From Solyndra, to GE, to Uranium One, the Democrats have been about graft and/or choosing winners that match their progressive agenda.  There are a myriad of other examples before you even get into the foreign donors issue. It's an unholy union that means death to America. 

The reason the unhealthy and likely frequently illegal relationships are so bad is because of the fallout.  For example, Big Business wants cheap, often illegal labor.  So the Democrats convince people that legal immigration and illegal immigration are the same thing and that not allowing everyone into the country is heartless. Meanwhile they convince voters that they are the party of compassion because they demand an untenable minimum wage.  It doesn't work, but it sure sounds compassionate.  The real fallout though is that by tilting the playing field in favor of mammoth companies by requiring things like Dodd-Frank compliance, or having employer requirements for Obamacare the smaller business struggle to comply.  Bigger business can absorb the burden in exchange for diminished or weakened competition from start-ups or smaller, more innovative companies.

This disincentive for smaller companies, ensures monopolistic or near-monopolistic environments in many industries and that in turn reduces innovation and international competitiveness.  Combined with the offshoring of jobs, America becomes less competitive, less innovative and therefore less influential globally.  At the same time as jobs erode, so does the standard of living for Americans.

But Democrats don't care because they get their slice of the pie in return.  Republicans don't get off the hook so easily either; many of them support the same status quo of decline.  The differences is that the Republicans at least have some diversity of opinion within the party.  The repeal Obamacare vote failed because of that diversity.  There are those within the Republican party who want more competitive diversity because they understand it will drive the economy, it will spur innovation and that will improve the lives of all Americans.  In that at least, there is hope for a different future than the decay and rot that the Democrats ultimately offer America.

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