August 29, 2017

Quote of the Day goes to Pat Buchanan

In an essay on the GOP's "shotgun marriage" to president Trump, Pat Buchanan summarizes the president's not insignificant achievements to date, very succinctly and the list is larger than you'd think;
He put Gorsuch on the court. He pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Climate Accord. He persuaded NATO allies to put up more for defense. He approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

Border security is markedly better. The economic news has been excellent: Record run-ups in the stock market, near full employment, growth approaching the 3 percent he promised. The coal industry has been liberated, and the Trump folks are renegotiating NAFTA.
That's not enough (yet), but it's far from insignificant. Buchanan's summary is worth reflection and the president's accomplishments are praiseworthy, albeit incomplete so far.

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