August 1, 2017

Republican senate - move it or lose it

The Republican-controlled senate seems unable to do anything - no repeal of Obamcare, no movement on president Trump's plan for tax reform and cuts, no discussion of a border wall.  Nothing.  Sure they invoked the nuclear option and got Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch whom president Trump nominated.  But that was a no-brainer.  It will turn out to be a a double-edged no-brainer someday, but it doesn't count as a Republican senate win.  The Republican senate otherwise, has been so ineffectual it has to be deliberate.

I've speculated before as to why they are dragging their feet but here is a laundry list of possible reasons.

(1)  They truly are too divided and there is just too much distance between positions of those like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz vs. Lisa Murkowski and Susan 'phony slow clap' Collins and turncoat John McCain.  If this is the case, and they are hoping for a a bulletproof majority after 2018 they are doomed.

(2)  They either hate president Trump or do not want him to succeed at draining the swamp because they benefit from it.

(3) They're afraid of the media and don't want to look like villains.  If that's the case they are not worthy of being leaders of the nation or the party. Anything that will make a difference requires bold changes.

(4) John McCain needs to remove himself from the process. He won't but why they did not remove him from the party after the thumbs down vote that killed the skinny repeal is a red flag.  Maybe the Republicans are too big of a tent (unlike the non-thinking lockstep Democrats) and allow too many ideas.  Or maybe they are indeed too timid. They don't want to look like villains for drumming out a turncoat because he has brain cancer.

Obamacare aside, what about tax reform?  What about a wall? Why has nothing been done.

The Republican controlled senate needs to move it or lose it.  Do something.  Look like you freaking care.

They are not the only problem.  A lot of Never-Trumpers said that president Trump was going to act like a Democrat once elected.  I argued that as a Republican we could more effectively hold his feet to the fire.  What's missing now is conservative voters holding the GOP senate's feet to the fire.  Why is that not happening?  Why are you not doing anything?  I bet you remember going to a townhall in 2010 and yelling at your representative to not pass Obamacare.  What have you done for your values lately?

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