October 5, 2016

VP post-debate analysis

Had to watch.
Full disclosure, I watched the Toronto Blue Jays defeat the Baltimore Orioles in the American League Wildcard game last night, not the Vice Presidential debate. Instead I DVR'd the debate and I have not watched it yet.  As such, I have not had a chance to assemble my thoughts on it.  However, I've heard a fair bit of post debate pontification and do have some quick observations about that.

In short order:

(1) Apparently Mike Pence (R) defeated Tim Kaine (D).
(2) This despite the moderator trying desperately to assist Kaine by enabling the interruption of Pence far too frequently.
(3) The MSM are positioning the Pence win as him positioning himself for 2020, not for helping Trump.  In fact, they are floating the idea that Trump is angry at Pence for doing too well and therefore making Trump looking bad by comparison.

To be honest, I think most viewers of a VP debate would be hardcore partisans on either side and not a huge number of Independents and/or Undecided voters (of whom many are low interest voters).  If my assumption is correct, the debate (no matter the mainstream meme about Pence's win being for Pence not Trump) doesn't matter.

More post-debate analysis will follow.

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