October 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton wants your vote, stupid!

Note:  I want to thank Deplorable Keith H on Twitter for providing me with the visuals for this post. Twitter has become an elitist progressive corporation but it's a useful tool while not every conservative voice has been banned yet.  When that time does come, I'd urge every conservative to cancel their Twitter account.  Until then, use the platform I say.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, liberals and Democrat registered voters should be finding out how Hillary Clinton and her campaign team feel about them.  It turns out, they don't think very highly of you.

They do however, think pretty highly of your vote.  The quotes in the pictures on the left are from Hillary Clinton via WikiLeaks.

You thought the bucket of deplorables was bad, but Democrat voters are worse - she sees you as a "bucket of losers".  Everyone to her is in some bucket it would seem, and none of the buckets are particularly desirable to her.

Click to enlarge and read.
The second picture is an excerpt from Hillary's speech to Goldman Sachs.

I said should be finding out, but I don't know that they ever will.  Now we see why the media at outlets like CNN want to control what you see or hear or read about the WikiLeaks releases on Hillary Clinton.

If the liberal elite knew that you thought they were dumb, they would not be able to count on your vote.

They can't have that - they need your vote or they'll not be able to consolidate their power and continue to chip away at the remaining bits of real democracy and liberty in America.  If you empower them, you are sealing your own fate.

As a very concerned outside observer, I'm just saying.

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