October 7, 2016

Trump, Hot Mic yawner

Everyone is claiming Donald Trump is done because of an October surprise - Trump caught on a hot microphone talking about women and sex.  Oh, in 2005.  No doubt Democrats and their media cohorts sat on this to release at the most opportune moment.

Not a big deal, outside the beltway.

Frankly, this is another one that I don't think will matter to Trump as long as he does well in the debate on Monday.  Men won't care and women who dislike him enough or like Hillary enough to vote on that basis are already energized and already locked in and likely voters in Hillary's column.  Another factor - Democrats in power are famous for the Friday news dumps when no one is paying attention to the news because it's the WEEKEND.

It makes me think that maybe Democrats and or media liberals rushed this to the front page as soon as they found it.  That doesn't smack of panic at all.  But it doesn't really matter if this was a wasted opportunity or not. The real difference will happen on Monday if Trump performs anemically in the debate. If he does, it's over.  If he does well, then maybe it could have been a Tuesday distraction from positive reviews of Trump by undecided voters.  So either Democrats are worried or the media, and their pollsters are worried.  That's my only takeaway from this.

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