October 29, 2016

Basket of Deplorables + Basement Dwellers + FBI redux = Trump

Earlier today I posted a Learning Series post on math.  Here's some more math.  Barring some near term unknown variable, Basket of Deplorables + Basement Dwellers + FBI redux = Trump.

Let me explain the math. Hillary Clinton described Donald Trump supporters a 'basket of deplorables'. She thereby ensured that there won't be a lot of crossover voters from existing Trump supporters at that point.

But that actually wasn't the beginning of it.  Nor was it the end of it.  Her hacked emails show what she really thinks of voters - not just Trump voters, but even her voters.

She doesn't like people unless they supporter unquestioningly.  So she must be truly irate over the latest October surprise from the FBI.

Ouch. Forget everything I've written about the polls to this point.  This is a new race at this point.  Start with Hillary Clinton with a base of support at 40%.  The question is how high above that floor can she keep it with 10 days to go and no upcoming debates.  This will provide a lot of insight to both the sway of the media and their ability to skew public opinion towards Hillary Clinton.

Clearly Clinton is going to demand urgency in resolving and disclosing the details buy the FBI because that's her only play at this point.  That could clearly backfire in a really bad way for her if there's any fire behind the smoke.  I say that because FBI director Comey would not come forward with this at this point if not coming forward until after the election would be a far worse option.  In other words, where there's smoke, there is fire, and the FBI know what the fire is already.

Fasten your seatbelts America, this is going to be a wild week.

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