May 9, 2016

Medium and message fail by conservatives

Marshall says
Gizmodo is reporting that Facebook routinely screened conservative news stories out of their trending topics.  The built in bias of Facebook is part of a bigger trend every conservative blogger and most conservative voters are already aware exists - conservative views are routinely ignored or marginalized by everything from the major news networks to tools like Flipboard.

That's not the headline.  The real issue is that conservatives, for all of their view on government as a necessary 'evil', put an inordinate amount of attention on winning elections.  And we don't do it nearly often enough.  The reason is simple, as the Facebook scandal points out.  The real war is cultural.  If you win hearts and minds then electoral victories will follow.

As conservatives our attention (mostly; Rush Limbaugh is a notable exception) is in the wrong places.  Defeating Obama in 2012 should have come from a populace who understood that winning the culture war is where the real battlefront belongs.   But from schools, to MTV to Facebook,  the left has a virtual monopoly on the dissemination of ideas because they own just about everything that people use to interact with the world.  

The medium is the message. We seemingly still haven't gotten the memo on that. Well many of us. Some of us recognized it early on.

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