May 19, 2016

Why Trump?

Why Trump?  That's a fair question.  There is a lot of reason to question what his presidency would be like.  But the problem for many of us is that the baseline has been set by the Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan.  That is what America needs.  But it's a very high bar, and it's not the right comparative.  Reagan is not available today.  What America needs and what is attainable are two different things.  What the available choices are, or will soon be, consist of Trump and Clinton. Those are the options available.  Not participating is tantamount to surrender to more decay of liberty and the decline of America.

Ronald Reagan had a vision for America. It was specific, it was eloquent and it was visionary.  If you missed it, his farewell address (one of so many memorable Reagan oratories) sums it up pretty well:

Donald Trump is far less eloquent, less refined in his views and certainly, less visionary. Nevertheless, there is a vision, and it is at least notionally correct in many respects - specific details aside.

Why Trump? His vision for the country is to make America great again. Should he win, he will accomplish some of his agenda, but not all of it. There is simply too much to be done. More importantly, the alternative is not only as thin on valid substance as this video from March indicates, but any vision Clinton (beyond power for herself) might have, is clearly leftist and would be destructive to the American economy, the rule of law and liberty and justice for all.

Trump is clearly not the ideal candidate, but he is shortly to become the best of the available options, and that merits consideration.

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