May 24, 2016

Trump's VP nominee

Newt Gingrich is angling for the job, as are many others to be sure.  Trump's VP nominee is not an inconsequential consideration, given that recent polls show him surging versus Hillary Clinton. A lot of conservatives would love to have The Donald's ear.  But what makes the most sense, given today's identity politics playing field that the Democrats have established?

African American? A woman?  An African American woman?  How about an Hispanic woman?  Trump did say he'd win the Latino vote.  And what about a young nominee to attract millennials disaffected by Democrat party nomination rigging?   Thank you Debbie Wasserman-Shultz by the way.  Clearly Trump is not playing by the same map-driven rules used by other GOP nominees.  He wants to shift the electorate across many states, and perhaps with the right nominee, he could do just that. 

A young conservative Hispanic woman then? Just speculating, but that's more what I'd expect from Trump than Chris Christie or Newt Gingrich for the VP nod.

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