November 21, 2008

Bypassing the MSM

Conservatives aren't winning simply because we aren't effectively communicating our ideas and the reasons behind them. The recent video on how Obama won, is proof. The message isn't getting out. Liberal messages get out. They've got Saturday Night Live. They have Katie Couric. They have Oprah.

Where's our media? On the Internet and talk radio. These are excellent sources of news and opinion - for the converted that is. But if you get your news from the occasional tune-in to CNN or NBC Nightly News or worse - The Daily Show, there is no way you get any sort of counterpoint. Fox News, while fair and balanced, only wins the network ratings because it's the only MSM outlet conservatives can stomach. It may have a conservative bent but Hannity has Colmes while Olbermann has...sounding boards. I'm not denigrating Fox. Thank God for Fox! But I'm saying they are preaching to the choir and the choir, having no other church to sing in, is sort of a captive audience (sorry for the mixed metaphors).

We need to be flogging our message non-stop to break through the liberal clutter. We need more of our own outlets. Yes, alternatives like the Internet, but we also need to break through in an MSM way. There are ways to do this. Reagan did it.

And now there are more avenues open to us. This is about an air war, not boots on the ground outreach and fundraising (which we still need to do better).

Direct mail is one way. (Go to, and search Richard Viguerie - America's Right Turn.) If this interview doesn't put you to sleep, then we are on the same page. For an abridge version, you can look here;

But that doesn't do it alone. Think about all of these untapped communication opportunities;

  • Text Messaging & MMS messages.
  • Viral email campaigns.
  • Web portals - own the search, like Google does.
  • Talk radio - not AM, we own that. Are the FM lite talk opportunities?
  • Yet another Fox type network. An MSM outlet built from the ground up with shows and news and that are from a conservative perspective. Conservative values product placement is an interesting idea.
  • Another option is to do the MSM type network on the Internet. Become Internet television.
  • Pod casting.
  • Polling and data mining - not push polls, but doing statistical analysis to discover profiles or clusters that can be successfully communicated to with a message. Then find the right means to contact them.
  • Social Networks - Creating new online networks or building applications for Facebook for example.
  • Films - fund on-message movies and documentaries.
  • Commercials
  • Interactive Media - video games
  • Leverage PACs for message spreading outside of the Beltway instead of inside it.
  • RSS Feeds
  • Create our own broad-interest magazines (like Women's, Men's, Vibe, Rolling Stone) with some messaging and articles with a conservative slant.
  • Door to Door canvassing (more of a ground game approach but not a bad idea)
  • Becoming truly interactive with a Web Ring of conservative ideas with an interactive feedback mechanism of some kind.

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