December 10, 2014

Some rants on Canadian stuff (Part 1)

Canadians are not fond of getting ripped off, we're just too polite to complain about it.

I knew we were getting ripped off on gasoline prices since the price of oil has fallen so sharply. So I did a bit of quick research on the spot oil price per barrel vs. gasoline prices at the pump for consumers in Canada. The last time oil prices were at their current level was in January 2009. At that time Canadians were paying approximately 80 cents per liter of gasoline. Currently the average price (at least in my area) is about $1 per liter. The extra 20 cents per liter(or approximately 80 cents per gallon), is going where exactly?

Frankly I don't care. I know it's coming out of my pocket and going into the bottom line of the energy companies. My quick calculation on the effect on consumers' wallets doesn't even take into account the secondary effects that it has on things line airline ticket costs, grocery costs etc.

It's gouging, and why Canadians are so damn passive about that sort of thing is truly beyond my ability to comprehend.

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