December 9, 2014

America and the self inflicted wound

The CIA is going to be releasing documents today dredging up the enhanced interrogation techniques and augmenting it with new details. I guess the American government feels that the United States  still has far too great of a competitive advantage over other nations and that the only way to remedy that is by giving itself some self inflicted wounds. There is no other reason to release the details.

If this is a political move by the administration it is their most egregious error yet. Lives could be lost over this.  Allies could be angered. Enemies will be enraged and energized. The upside? Transparency far beyond what is necessary?

The sheer stupidity of this is astounding. If this is meant to energize progressive voters and you happen to be one of them, let me ask you one question. If you are against enhanced interrogation techniques,  why are you not outraged over the techniques of ISIS which seem to always end in beheadings?

Addendum:  The report is being released by the Senate Intelligence Committee but it is clear that the administration wanted this. Any serious pushback from the president would have prevented the release.

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