December 2, 2014

Rush was wrong on Latinos

I hate to say it, but Rush Limbaugh was probably wrong on what Hispanic voters, in America legally, care about.  The entire conservative argument needs a re-think if the latest poll from Gallup is any indication.

Obama`s poll numbers have skyrocketed since he proposed unilateral amnesty for illegals.  Great.  That`s always going to be an uphill battle for Republicans it would seem.

My suggestion - make it about the children.  There has to be some way to differentiate between impacting children (here already) and dealing with the real transgressors.  I don`t know, that`s a knee-jerk reaction probably.  The poll could be an outlier.  The surge could be temporary.  It could mean a lot of things.  But the fact remains that the GOP has not done enough with many different constituencies and that needs to be addressed.
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