December 18, 2014

Hackers defeat Sony

So the ridiculous (as in not a political documentary but rather farcical comedy) movie The Interview has lost all backing from Sony because hackers who broke into Sony's emails and put out numerous emails embarrassing executives have threatened theaters 

Sounds like the work of North Korean cyber warfare.  The whole country is starving and they're trying to build nuclear missiles.  The leader seems obsessed with Dennis Rodman and clearly takes Hollywood seriously.  So a movie that farcically talks about assassinating him would be most unwelcome.  

Do you seriously think Anonymous, would be intent on stopping a Seth Rogan, James Franco comedy?  The same pair that recently appeared on Naked and Afraid to spout poop humor are an affront to a group aligned with "the 99%"?  No.  

Sony, the comedy was not high brow stuff, but seriously, this was a gutless move.  America is about freedom of speech.  Sony is about CYA I guess. This is almost as distasteful as Obama on Cuba.

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