July 2, 2013

Education Matters

I've always argued that education matters, a lot.  Educators shape and influence thinking, future leaders, morals and the future direction of society.  Quality education is a matter of national importance, and what has been lacking for decades, is a balanced education.  For decades educations has been left to those on the let. The liberal bias that academia pretends to be above, is nevertheless, ever-present.

Conservatives do teach but there aren't enough.  We need more conservatives teaching our children at all stages - from early childhood right through college and university. If it doesn't happen we will be leaving the future of America to those who espouse views different from our own.  

Teaching should not be political but it is.  It should be about knowledge, and learning - not revisionism, partisan indoctrination and progressive liberalism and unions being put ahead of students.  But it can't get back to knowledge without some sort of counter-balance to the unfettered liberal teachers being forced to account for their agenda-based teaching.

If you are conservative, and you want to have an influence on the future of the country - why not teach?  There's a great opportunity personally too.  Teaching can be a rewarding profession personally and professionally.

If you are interested, I came across The Career Toolbox is a good resource that explains a lot regarding education careers - from the growth of the education industry, to certifications, to tools of the trade and more.    It really is worth a read if you've ever considered teaching. 

If you are serious about the future of American society and values then education is as powerful a way to make a lasting difference as any other - and that includes voting. Take a look at the opportunity, and if you are serious pursue it.  It's that simple.

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