July 17, 2013

Rolling Stone must be desperate for readers

Rolling Stone magazine has featured the Boston Marathon bomber on its latest cover. Does this magazine still have anyone reading it?  The only reason they could do something so atrocious is because they are failing financially and were hoping to benefit from the inevitable controversy.  People were killed because of the actions of this man and his brother.  Rolling Stone had to know that going in.  They had to know that putting the bomber on the cover, and trying to sexy him up with a glamour shot - yes, they did that - would be hurtful to a lot of people and be offensive to the nation.  There is apparently no moral code in place at Rolling Stone.  

Then again, maybe they are actively promoting evil.  This isn't the first time Rolling Stone has done something this stupid.  They once had Charlie Manson on the cover.

1970s Rolling Stone magazine
They do not deserve to benefit from this stupid, insulting and egregious act of moral turpitude.  I did not link to the cover photo.  I urge you not to go to the Rolling Stone website, or to buy the magazine.  Boycott it.

Actions should have consequences.

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