July 6, 2013

Christianity vs Science is the wrong question

ABC news reporter Dan Harris asks the question Can Christianity and Science co-exist.  It's an easy question to answer: Yes.  There is no Biblical or theological dictate against the rocket science, or chemistry for example. True there have been in history periods where those trying to discover the truths behind physics for example, were persecuted. Galileo comes to mind.  On the other hand one of the most brilliant scientific minds in history Sir Isaac Newton, was deeply religious.

Of course science and Christianity can co-exist. Despite the fact that their are zealots on both sides of the supposed divide.  But that's not really the question Dan asks in this video.  He's asking if Christianity and evolution theory can co-exist.

That's a trickier question but even there, it seems that some sort of convergence is possible.

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  1. It is also to be remembered that Charles Darwin studied as a Doctor of Divinity before his famous voyage, nor was he in the least atheistcal on his return.


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