July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day America!

Independence Day - July 4th - a time for BBQs, family, celebratory fireworks, and perhaps a moment of reflection about the fact that every American has the blessings of liberty because of the brave acts of the founding fathers and those who fought in the revolutionary war (as well as those who have fought to preserve it ever since).

The uphill struggle they faced against a powerful empire was a testament to their belief in the legitimacy of their actions.  That they persevered is a testament to the fact that right means might and not the other way around. 

Those who forget the importance of freedom will soon lose it.  Never forget the true meaning of July 4th to America.  You are still blessed with the ability to make decisions and take action.  With freedom comes a responsibility to help defend that freedom.  You can do so by voting.  You can do so by educating others who do not know or have forgotten that liberty is a fundamental building block to a better America and that government eroding those freedoms is a sure fire way to ending the American dream.

July 4th is a time for celebration, so enjoy it.  But do not forget the reason for the day.

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