July 2, 2013

A really touchy subject - police versus dog

FULL DISCLOSURE: I've always been more of a conservative than libertarian.  But I think there is a pretty big intersection between the two when it comes to individual liberty.  The conservative view on law enforcement is tied to the rule of law.  Breaking laws is bad and should be subject to persecution.  The libertarian view on law enforcement is probably similar but with the major caveat that laws are meant to be as minimally invasive as possible, and so as few as necessary should exist.  In that regard, I'd say I lean more libertarian than conservative.  Or maybe small government conservative would be the best description.


No matter your political bent, authorities are always susceptible to abuse of power.  That seems to be the case in this really touchy video (if you love dogs or are sensitive, don't watch it).

A man apparently was arrested, and his dog shot, both without sufficient cause.  The apparent motive of police was that he was videoing police activity.  Or he was too close to the police perimeter.  Or he was non-compliant. Or that he has a civil suit against the Hawthorne police already.  Or something else.

Warning - graphic video.

Via the Libertarian Republic, you can see the entire story here.  There's a lot of information on the story there, including other videos of the incident from different angles.

Police appear to have abused their powers in this instance - a complete over-reaction that is not justified.  If the details in the story prove accurate, the police should be fired or suspended.  The police department should have to pay compensatory and punitive damages as well.  None of it unfortunately, will bring back the dog.

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