February 27, 2011

Sunday Blog Mentions

There are a number of blogs out there that I read regularly that deserve a mention and I haven't done so in the recent past.  Please check them out, there's some great writing going on.

Annoy The Left gets it right. Great blog, and he even got mentioned on The Other McCain's blog. That's big time. He doesn't post as often as he used to but you can also find him on twitter from his page.

Mean Ol' Meany blogs on everything from politics to 'Teh Google' to cute girls. Oddly enough, it's his political rants that most inspire me. [NOTE: occasional not so mild language use.]

Secularstupidest is media rich with videos from a conservative perspective.  I keep meaning to see if my Al Gore music video is worthy of posting there.  

I mentioned KingShamus yesterday in my blog round up but he deserves another mention.

Joetote's blog has some interesting posts about faith and the Middle East this month. Worth reading.

Conservative Perspective is a blog I started looking at relatively recently.  He even has a soft spot for us Canadians (just not our style of government - I have to agree with that).

There are others but I've got a busy day and limited time to post unfortunately, so that will have to do for now.


  1. Thank you for the link!

    The "soft-spot" for Canadians is due to the fact that Canadian blood runs in my veins from my fathers side.

  2. Dean,

    Thanks for the mention! I really appreciate it as well as the fine posts you yourself put out!

    And you are correct. There is some great writing going on out there. Funny hot the invent of the blogs has released not only the pent up feelings of so many folks, but also shown not only to the world, but to the writers themselves the hidden talents that in fact we all have.

  3. Chris - no problem. I like your blog. Maybe someday I'll end up migrating like your family once did. At least I hope so.

    Joe - blogs are a great outlet for creative thought. While not all blogs are great, at least everyone who wants to try it has a chance to have a voice. Keep up the writing on you blog, it's good stuff.

  4. Dean, Just a p.s. here, I am now following the sites you have mentioned/linked ('Secular' I was already aware of) as I found them to be of high caliber, thanks again.

  5. Two mentions? I don't deserve them, but I'll take 'em just the same.

  6. Chris and King - these are all deserving blogs, that's why I mentioned them.

  7. Thank you, sir. You do me a great kindness.

    The nice thing about visiting your blog is that I don't have to show my birth certificate on the way back...


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