February 26, 2011

Saturday Blog Roundup

Saturday Blog Roundup - some great reading elsewhere worth checking out.

William Teach who blogs at Pirates Cove and Right Wing News has a great post on President Erkel's demand for Republicans to compromise and make green light bulbs.  It's ironic - the President who gutted NASA wants more investment in innovation and technology.  The President who wants to invest in education

Dan Cirucci has some language advice for lawyers that's worth bloggers any writers taking note.

The Right Sphere has some updates on the Wisconsin fake doctors' notes for protesters scandal and it's a slam dunk.

My calls for more Tea Party action, visible action while ignored, are at least making sense to someone.  Gateway Pundit has some news on some recent heroic Tea Party efforts.

An Ol' Broad urges the GOP leadership to not get soft on the unions in Wisconsin and/or their own states. If she can be tough, so can you.

The Goomba News Network has a rundown of an Al Jazeera interview with British Prime Minister Cameron in which he aims for Great Britain to achieve the lowest tax rate in the G7. Hey, somebody gets it.

Weasel Zippers is left head-scratching over MSNBC's Laurence O'Donnell's comments on racism, Obama and Union Bosses.  Weasel Zippers is not alone.

King Shamus opines that Huckabee isn't running. He's content with that result. I'm content with his entire post.

Protein Wisdom outs a possible conservative writing at Reuters.Oops.  Other than that,“Why a U.S. government shutdown is worth it” is a great extract of a sound opinion.

The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth is more of a mouthful blog title than even my own.  But it has some constructive criticism for Obama on Libya.

Anne at Backyard Conservatives got her cows wrong, but still makes the right point about Cheeseheads.

And for those of you who care, here's the entire Charlie Sheen bombastic rant.  Clearly, the man is angry.


  1. Thank you very much for the linkage sir.

    I like Huck on a bunch of issues, but he just seems like a spendaholic softie. I shouldn't feel frustrated by a candidate a year and half out from the election.

  2. No problem King (or should that be Shamus?)

    I agree with you. Huck's a good guy but he isn't the right guy.


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