February 20, 2011

I'm a blogging idiot.

I've got to figure out a way to do this blogging thing better.  Yesterday I posted on the MacIver Institute video about phony doctors' notes being handed out like candy at the Madison Wisconsin protests before it went viral. When I added the video to a post it had only been viewed 304 times.  I looked at the video this morning on Youtube and it has over 55,000 hits.  Now it's on Hot Air, Right Wing News, and Michelle Malkin's site (all great sites by the way).

Getting there first doesn't matter.  Recognizing an important story doesn't matter (although I did schedule my post to go out 2 hours later than I finished it, so I didn't fully recognize the importance).  What matters is getting people to listen.  Clearly I'm a blogging idiot or I would have been a better help in spreading this news story.  In the end, the important thing is the story got out.  Meanwhile, I have to learn to blog smarter.


  1. You're doing fine. I find as I work full time, I can't keep up with the news fast enough to get the important stuff out instantly. As I know you've seen my stuff, you've noticed I'm most of my comments are just that, comments rather than getting the news out. In my case, I try to gather as much as I can from all sources than put it out along with my responses (I know I get boisterous to say the least).

    The main thing is what you put out is correct and factual.In the end, really won't matter if you're an hour behind or so as long as you are certain what you are writing is correct as to facts and true to your feelings. If that is so, people will accept the info and spread it.


  2. Points well taken Joe. To be honest I prefer to write essays about ideas for good government, economics etc., but that doesn't attract much interest the way comments on current events do. It's also not easy to do working full time, as you point out.

    I find commenting quicker and easier, but less rewarding. Not less interesting, and not unrewarding. But it doesn't feel like I'm adding much value to the discourse.

  3. The problem is this is a 24 hour cycle in which things happen instantaneously. So, let's take my case.

    I understand your feelings on the commenting part. But look at me. I'm just an average guy, high school graduate and tech school. I've worked my way up to a position for which there are only about 200 of us world wide. However, I am a voracious reader. As I am not in any way a trained writer, I comment.

    I try my best as I said earlier to get all the facts, and quite honestly find myself wanting to choke over the garbage I have to read so I can comment hopefully after digesting both sides of the equation.
    But here's the big thing. It's what we bring to the discourse that actually counts! For example. There are so many leftist sites that refuse to even publish my comments! And yes, to their credit there are some that do in fact publish them. when they do I always thank them for that and let them know I appreciate them as to allowing discourse, but unfortunately it's rare. I don't find that as prevalent on the conservative sites. They seem to allow the the other side to voice their views.
    As such, commenting and getting your view out there does in fact add to the discourse more than you know. It can get frustrating though. I've been doing my blog for 2 years now and commenting everywhere and it only in the last couple of months seems to be at the point where people are really starting to notice.

    As long as we're fighting the good fight, sooner or later, they notice.

    One last thing. I understand how you prefer to write essays. I think when I take my time and actually do an essay rather than shooting from the hip like I usually do, I feel that much more satisfied as I have then hopefully put something down in writing that makes sense without my rabid feelings getting in the way.

    On the flip side, I have also found that when I just put it out there when something has really flipped me off (like the recent UN veto from the administration with the caveat that they actually agree with every Anti-Israel finding from the UN) it not only lets me vent per say, but also lets everyone know how important it is to share ones true feelings.
    I for one enjoy your work. Keep it up my friend and don't get flustered. I do enough of that for both of us. LOL!


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