February 19, 2011

Curing the common cold

I have a wicked cold that I picked up a few days ago.  While this post is mostly off topic, I can't really think about much else today unfortunately.  I had thought I might make the whole winter this year without getting one but no such luck.  A few years ago (okay, more like 18 or 19) I discovered a way that seems to work wonders in getting rid of a cold very quickly.  The problem is that it isn't very practical.

The logic is simple and based on the common sense idea that lots of liquids will help fight a cold.  I figured that more liquid would work even better.  What I did was take a 12 ounce glass of apple juice and I drank it.  Then, for the next eight hours I refilled it with water and drank the 12 ounces every ten minutes.  It worked.  I tried it the day I started feeling the symptoms of the cold and the next day the cold was apparently gone and the symptoms never reappeared.  I've tried it again since with the same results.  My guess is that it flushes out the viruses, or much of them, somehow.

Now the down sides.  First of all, every time I've tried it my kidneys felt sore the next day - it's a lot of work for them. I'm not a doctor so I don't know but I suspect it's a bit hard on them and not a good idea to try too often.  Damaging one's kidneys is not worth the cure if that is the side effect of doing it.  But that leads to the other down side - you can't try it very often because you end up spending the whole day in the washroom.  It's not practical to use on a work day or if you have company over or are going out.  It's truly a home remedy.

My guess is that the volume of water flowing through the system flushes out a lot of the virus but again, I'm not a doctor and I have no scientific proof that this works, just anecdotal evidence.  I'd be curious to hear what others think and if anyone else has found anything else that works with a cold.

As an aside, I'm sure there's some sort of obvious way to link flushing the system to politics but being sick, I haven't got the energy today to work on that.  Feel free to comment on that too, maybe it'll inspire a post for tomorrow...


  1. ironic post , at least for me since I also have a wicked cold.

    I have not been really sick for at least two years and in a way welcome this. You see I am of the thought that there will never be a cure for the common cold and they should really stop trying to create one.

    I believe (my own thoughts here) that a 'cold' is a natural human function to clean and clear out undesirable entities that otherwise could not be expelled.

    The above would explain the word 'common', a word commonly utilized with 'cold' and why there will never be a cure nor should there be.

    Look forward to how good we will feel the day we wake and the cold is gone; head is clear, appetite ferocious and smelling the roses once again.

  2. That's an interesting perspective Christopher.

    I'd agree that finding a cure is not necessarily a great idea: I think the body's immune systems needs the 'exercise' it gets from expelling viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

    That said, I'd never argue against advancing medicine and decry the discovery of things like penicillin.

    I think a cure for the common cold is far off though because cures for cancer or any of a million other afflictions are more important. The cold will be relegated to discovery of symptom relief for years to come simply because it is already manageable by the human immune system.

    Like you I'm looking forward to smelling the roses again but I hope we don't have to wait for spring before our colds are gone.

  3. Be well soon Dean and as soon as you are, visit a flower shop and while there pick-up something nice for your significant other making you both feel better!


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