November 9, 2010

You want ignorant?

Take a look at the disgraceful, hateful signage at the Jon Stewart rally to 'restore sanity'.  I want no part of that sort of 'sanity'.

I'm sure Glenn Beck doesn't care too much about himself being vilified, but the point is that these supposedly more sophisticated and intellectual advocates of a greater society are ignorant in their treatment of Beck, and ignorant in their arguments. Hypocritical too. Granted it's hard to fit a detailed argument on a sign. But it's not hard to avoid the devil horns and Hitler mustaches.

Side Note: It's frustrating but not surprising to see interviews with people who think Jon Stewart tells the whole truth and is fair. It's especially galling to hear it from people who haven't taken the time to watch an episode or two of Beck and rely on 'excerpts' to form an opinion.

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