November 6, 2010

Current Events Saturday Morning Roundup

No time to do much posting this weekend but here's a roundup of some good reading on current events from some great blogs and some mainstream news sources.

On the Keith Olbermann saga coming to an end.  Glenn Beck's take.

On the Pelosi saga not coming to an end. An Ol' Broad is miffed that Pelosi won't just go away.  But there's definitely a political benefit to the Democrats keeping her around.  With Reid, Obama and Pelosi still in D.C. power circles (albeit Pelosi weakened), the narrative doesn't have to change from the GOP.  That fact hasn't gone unnoticed by some. Pelosi's departure would be a mixed blessing for the GOP.  She, along with Reid and Obama are the foil for Republicans, not the other way around.

On the Republican 'in fighting'? Over at the Strata-Sphere, centrist leaning (if there is such a thing) AJ Strata argues that the Republicans are already over-reaching just like Obama did. He argues voters merely gave the GOP the opportunity to participate rather than dictate.  Missing the point I think that President Obama pretended to give them a chance to participate and locked them out anyway.  Voters were angry about spending.  Voters were angry about the economy and the non-response of the Democrats before, during and after they focused on health care.  Meanwhile John Hawkins at Right Wing News argues the point that conservatives are the right tonic for what has ailed the GOP since 2006. In general I think the in fighting prospects are overblown.

On President Obama still doesn't get it. AllahPundit at HotAir lays it out perfectly. The debt, is too damn high! Unemployment is too damn high! It's not about selling yourself Mr. President.  It's really not.

On the debt ceiling. Bankruptcy is a national certainty. The Republicans can't stick to window dressing moves.

That's it for now.  Perhaps I can provide some more later on today.  Happy surfing.

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