November 29, 2010

Waylayed along the way to the blog

Face palm.
I haven't posted since Friday.  The reason for that is that I've been waylayed at work and it's taken me quite off my blogging game.  So waylayed in fact, that I have been way laid off.  Consequently my blogging will be  hampered a bit.  Certainly posting political and economic thoughts has been taken off the top of my mind.  It will have to take a back seat to feeding the family for the next little while.  But I am in good spirits and do not intend to disappear from blog space.  It just might be less intense than it has been in the past.  For those of you who read this blog regularly, that might not seem like much of a difference since I had been so busy at work the last couple of months that I wasn't as er, robust on this blog as I had been in the past anyway.

But there's a reason to be optimistic about the blog and my own circumstance. Being laid off gives me a chance to practice what I preach about the government backing off and letting the private sector, as much as possible, handle it's own affairs.  That's going to be especially tough in a stagnant economy with higher than normal unemployment. But hey, I'm now my own little experiment.  And I have faith - in God, in myself, in the free market. I'm quite sure I'll be fine.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Ugh, man, I feel for you. E-mail me a resume.

  2. Thanks Paul. I'm actually pretty good with it, at least for now.

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  4. ^^The comment above is kinda harsh and cruel and mean. I bet it's spam, but you do need some "Dressy Shoes."

  5. Yep, it was spam. I've seen similar before that were auto-spam-filtered by Blogger.

    And luckily, I already have dressy shoes.

  6. Just a guess, but aren't they nonsensible?

  7. Good Guess. They are actually court jester shoes.


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