November 4, 2010

Intra-Party Fights? Not really. Maybe.

Just a quick observation as I'm mired in my day job.  The meme going on throughout the mainstream media is that the GOP is risking tearing itself apart or at least wasting time and energy in intra-party squabbles - Tea Party versus establishment - instead of focusing on governing.  The thought is that Republicans are of two minds and that they are destined for trouble.

I have two thoughts on that.

(1)  The GOP establishment and the Tea Party wing are of the same mind on a number of agenda items.  In two years they can find a lot of common ground with each other to work on.  The Democrat hegemony of the last two years have left them plenty of room for that.  Consider as evidence the Obama presidency itself to date.  Supposedly blue dog Democrats were either cowed or aligned enough to make Obamacare a reality.  The came close on Cap and Trade and the passed nearly a trillion dollar spending bill in the ARRA.  Clearly the Democrat party is not monolithic in it's outlook (or so they claim).  So if 'diverse' interests on the left can come together for two years, there's no reason that differing viewpoints on the right can find considerable common ground for two years of cleaning up the Obama legislative oil spill that has damaged America so badly.

(2) Isn't the whole GOP is going to split in two a bit of a mis-direction play, considering that there are hints of a challenge to Obama's second term from within the Democratic party?  Or if it's not a diversionary tactic, perhaps it's a bit of wishful thinking.  If the Democrats feel that there is going to be a primary challenge to President Obama, it's in their best interest to hope, indeed foster, intra party squabbling on the part of their 'enemies' (hey, I've made that mistake too) in order to level the playing field?

Intra party fights?  Not really.  Well, maybe.  But I suspect it's more likely to surface on the Democrat side than the Republican side, where holding it together for at least two years where the rising tide will raise all conservative boats.

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