June 8, 2010

Well, I was wrong

Way back on December 26, 2008, I wrote that Moveon fails Economics 101. I was wrong.

Technically, Moveon.org still doesn't understand economics, so nominally I stand by my post title at least.  But I was wrong about something else important in that post.  Remember, this was before President Obama had assumed power.  I was focused on what the Moveon priorities were.  The error of my ways was in my conclusion;
What caught my attention was the front page pseudo-mission statement:
Hundreds of thousands of us voted, and now the results are in. We now know what to focus on in 2009: universal health care, economic recovery and job creation,building a green economy and stopping climate change, and ending the war in Iraq.
Two things struck me. Firstly, that's a lot of stuff for 2009. And for MoveOn.org, I have 3 words: Go For It. 4 top priorities being focused on means you'll accomplish zero. Way to spread yourself thin. Be ambitious and choke on the mammoth proportions of what you've assigned for yourself. Accomplish nothing and leave your members disillusioned for 2010. That works well for me and hopefully the GOP in 2010 too.
Go For It. That was wrong.  Granted recovery hasn't happened, Cap and Trade has floundered (before being re-born but I expect too late), and Iraq is still in progress.  Although on the latter Obama has just punted it down the road enough to keep progressive expectations up.  But in the bigger picture, the top priority - universal health care has been a remarkable and surprising 'success'.  By that I mean success in the sense that Obamacare did get passed.  That is sadly, a major accomplishment.

I had assumed that all of their agenda would be pursued with equal vigor but it didn't transpire that way.  The number one priority on their list did indeed turn out to be their one victory.   That it did not help but hurt the Democrats is no consolation.  Health care is yet another back-breaking strain on the American federal fiscal situation, businesses and ultimately consumers.That it could be repealed by 2012 with a successful GOP takeover of The House, Senate and White House is no consolation either.  There is no guarantee that will happen despite the national will to do so. 

They are still wrong about everything else I pointed out in that post.  Moveon just doesn't understand basic economics. But I still don't feel vindicated.


  1. I'd still give you this one. The stated goal was universal health care and, however monsterous and ill conceived Obama's health bill is, it ain't universal coverage.

  2. The got a big, money draining win. That they fell short of their goal still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    I really thought they would go 0 for 4.

    But thanks. Glad to see you are back!


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