June 5, 2010

Helen Thomas has an agenda

White House Press Correspondent Helen Thomas has been covering Presidents since President Eisenhower.  That's a long time, and you'd think she'd know better than to get herself into a bit  of hot water over a recent statement she made.  It turns out,with the smallest bit of research, the reason for her statement is fairly obvious.

First, thanks to Breitbart, here's what she said;


Why say that unless you have deeply held convictions about the Jewish people? Here's an interesting excerpt from Helen Thomas' biography;

I am often asked whether I had any role models when I was growing up. Without a moment's hesitation I always reply, "My parents." My teachers inspired me, but my parents were my foundation and my guiding lights.

My father, George, immigrated to the United States in 1892 from Tripoli, Syria, which later became part of Lebanon. He was seventeen at the time and traveled in steerage. His possessions consisted of a few cents in his pocket and a small pouch he wore around his neck that contained a prayer in Arabic for voyagers. To this day, in my family, we say we're glad our father did not miss the boat.

At Ellis Island, the immigration officer Anglicized his surname, Antonious, to Thomas and sent him on his way to Winchester, Kentucky, where he had relatives. He bought a wagon, loaded it up with fruit, vegetables, linens, candy and tobacco and sold them around the countryside.

In 1901 he returned home and married my mother, Mary, who was seventeen. My sister Kate was born in Syria in 1902, and when she was six months old the family returned to Kentucky.

I will always marvel at the courage, determination and independence of my parents. Their story is the story of every immigrant of every era. They had great hopes and worked hard for the fulfillment of the promise of a better life, especially for their children. I know my parents never thought it would be easy. They knew what was expected of them as new citizens of a remarkable new, young, vibrant nation.
A few observations - her father was Syrian, and her parents were her 'guiding lights'.  Could it be they colored her perception of Israel and the Jewish people?  It is distinctly possible that being from the middle east her parents' perception would not be kind towards Jews.  It might in fact be hostile.

It might also explain this,

or this,


History it seems was not her major,
In November 1947, the U.N. voted in favor of the partition of Palestine, proposing the creation of a Jewish state, an Arab state, and a UN-administered Jerusalem. Partition was accepted by Zionist leaders but rejected by Arab leaders, leading to civil war. Israel declared independence on 14 May 1948 and neighboring Arab states attacked the next day.
In any case, she's entitled to her opinion. But 'go home to Poland'? Hey, here's an idea Helen, go back to Syria (actually Lebanon now). How's that for a moral equivalence? The Jews were originally from the middle east region - Poland never was home, but rather a place they lived. Helen, living in America, being so vociferous about the rights of the Palestinians, is an American by birth but clearly not by heart - her heart belongs elsewhere.  The Jews meanwhile have returned to their rightful homeland after centuries and have been there for about 60 years under constant threat and attack. Try living like that Helen, before you pontificate that the Jews belong in Poland.  I'm not Jewish, but if I were I'd say apology NOT accepted.

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