June 30, 2010

Franken gets it

Al Franken, clueless lefty, finally gets it. Known for his boisterous tirades and his angry brand of anti-conservative illogical, Franken has been on his game during the hearings for Supreme Court judicial nominee Elena Kagan. The thing is, it looks like his game isn't really politics.

Franken, once an SNL also-ran in terms of persona and marquee value, is clearly a liberal's liberal. But his foray into politics seems as much unguided as it is fortuitous (for him). But the Kagan hearings have exposed him for what he really is - a charlatan. First, during the opening day of the hearings the formality of introductions and droning Senator speeches from both sides would be enough to draw a yawn from anybody. But cameras showed Franken bordering on dosing off a la Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Either he believes that sleeping during hearings (a la Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg) is a requisite qualification for the Supreme Court and he was tipping his ideas to Kagan, or he was simply disinterested in the job he was supposed to be doing. But there's more.

Franken was seen sketching Senator Jeff Sessions during the hearings on the second day.

Clearly he doesn't take the hearings seriously. His vote is a formality awaiting this hearing charade to end. His responsibility to his constituency is apparently only his proven liberalness. The hearings don't matter. Due process doesn't matter. Voting in favor of a Supreme Court of the United States judicial nominee is less important to him than doodling or dozing. Voters be damned.

Al Franken gets it: for him, Al Franken, caring is a waste of time. He plans on being an in-the-tank liberal and will rely on blind Minnesota voters to give him the career and platform Saturday Night Live once did. But I don't think that's really it. I think maybe he really doesn't give a damn about politics and this entire 'being a Senator' charade is preparatory work for his secretly planned big comeback movie about the absurdity of American politics. Either way he's a hack. The details about whether he's a political hack or a comedic one are entirely inconsequential. What is consequential is that Minnesota provide the country with yet another stooge for the national stage that could hurt the American judicial system for years because Al Franken, big fat idiot, would rather draw than actually pay attention and work in the nation's best interest.

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