June 15, 2010

Fox News Canada? Awesome, Eh?

The media in Canada are going to be beside themselves with anger, fear, bile and what have you but for Canadian conservatives, Fox News possible arrival is an overdue welcome piece of news. 
From a story in Metronews, there's a sinister plot behind every conservative victory;
The meeting was not on any public itinerary released by the Prime Minister's Office and only came to light when The Canadian Press searched media consultant Ari Fleischer's mandatory disclosures with the U.S. Justice Department.

Ailes is the longtime Republican communications guru who is the president of Fox News Channel, which is owned by Murdoch's News Corp.

Harper's soon-to-be-ex-communications director Kory Teneycke was also present.

Four months later, Teneycke had left the PMO — barely a year into his job as Harper's chief spokesman — only to pick up a contract with Quebecor to explore a project that Ottawa insiders almost immediately described as a fledgling "Fox News North."

His goal was a punchy, provocative, right-of-centre network to shake up what Teneycke describes as the "lame-stream media."
Personal grievances aside for Canada's liberal media, this is good news for Canada.  I for one can't wait.  We've already got Fox News Channel on cable, why not one that shines that same light on our own house?  Liberal media monopolies are increasingly a thing of the past and Canada should be no exception.

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