June 10, 2021

I liked them for a hot second. Not now.

Krystal and Saagar claim to be anti-establishment. It turns out they are anti-Trump and even anti-common-sense liberal shills. Art Laffer points out that low wage jobs are being replaced by robots (in a discussion about McDonald's) and they turn it into a racial thing. His choice of wording was ill-advised, in fact downright poor. I'm not excusing that.  But I've followed Art Laffer's interviews for years and this is a mischaracterization of his views that they are offering up as fact. 

But equally importantly, he was making a point about the inevitability of unskilled labor being replaced by robots by pricing themselves out of the market.  This is a real problem, and calling him names does NOTHING to address the problem.

To bash Art Laffer and to misstate his economic policies is is grossly dishonest. To equate him with the establishment GOP is laughable; his policies were frowned upon by the GOP. To say his policies were designed to benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor is laughable as well. The Laffer curve is something that lays out how lower taxes help everyone. I've explained this in posts years ago. And finally, as someone in the comments on the video mentions, to complain about the deficits under Reagan destroying the American economy for the last 40 years is beyond insane. Reagan created 8% GDP growth and his deficits were a miniscule fraction of what Obama did to the nation and now Joe Biden is doing (Reagan increased the deficit by $1.8 trillion, Obama by $8.6 trillion, and he-whose-name-I-will-not-speak is projected to increase it by $25 trillion by 2024). And Reagan actually accomplished something with his spending - he rebuilt the American military and in the process defeated the communist Soviet Union without a war.

Here's the video in question, though I encourage you not to watch it. 

They lost me in one video with their insipid and ill-informed commentary.  I will not be supporting their channel any longer.

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