June 29, 2021

Meanwhile in Georgia the 2020 election case grows

I get trying to root out these problems and corrupt officials.  In a way it feels like fighting yesterday's battle today.  But if it can be made visible enough, it might make an impact that helps in 2024.

Via Gateway Pundit:

The Fulton County Elections Board is not so happy with the case brought by Garland Favorito because they have now been added to it.

Several individuals of the Fulton County Elections Board were added to the case last week by the judge. The order handed down by the Georgia judge dismissed several claims brought against governmental entities of Fulton County of sovereign immunity grounds. However, what is not well know is that the judge allowed the five members of Fulton County’s Board of Registration and Elections to be named in the suit.

Gateway Pundit also has a piece about the deepening issues in Maricopa county in Arizona during the 2020 election.

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