June 29, 2021

Woke Olympic hopeful comes in 3rd, disrespects anthem

If you are trying to compete in the Olympics to represent your country and then after qualifying, you disrespect your country, you need to give up your spot on the team to someone who actually wants to represent their country.  Go compete for somewhere that also disrespects America, like say China.  They will need a few more bronze medals because their cheat machine probably is too focused on winning Gold medals and they can't have it look too suspicious.

Her actions were shameful. They were two-faced. How are her teammates who respected the flag and anthem supposed to focus on their sport with this woman selfishly dragging all of the attention to herself? She's harming other teammate competitors' chances with this ridiculous behavior. She does not deserve a spot on the team.   Frankly if the Olympic team does not remove her in favor of someone who wants to compete for her country, they deserve not to win.

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