May 29, 2021

Question raised by Milo's actions

Milo Yiannopoulos used to be a celebrity on the right; a gay conservative who could argue on behalf of conservative values while being provocative at the same time. He was then accused of defending pedophilia by being taken out of context while talking about his own circumstance. His celebrity status disappeared overnight. Years later he has been undertaking a comeback.

The comeback involves him turning his back on his previous sexuality in what some have called a stunt.  I cannot say whether it's a stunt or legitimate, but I have always appreciated his humor and his politics.  I think he was unjustly cancelled and deserves a chance.  We have so few loud voices on the right and his voice was certainly loud.  Personally I think his sexuality is his own business (although he's certainly not afraid to make it public), and I don't honestly care what he does in his own private life.  What matters is what he stands for and how he stands for it.  Is his new position on his former sexuality a way of living the virtue?  Maybe.  Living the virtue is better than just saying you do.  Is it fake in order to regain his conservative audience that dropped him like a hot potato after the left lied and used the Alinsky tactic of isolating him?  Maybe. 

But neither of those is my question that stems from the video below:

My question is, can someone who does not perfectly fit into a conservative mold still support conservatism?  Could Milo have remained a homosexual and still be a "rabid culture warrior for the right"?  I think he actually could.  As Ronald Reagan pointed out conservatism can be a big tent.  And someone who agrees with you 80% of the time is not your 20% enemy, he (or she) is an ally and a potential friend.  I don't think Milo needed to 'convert'/convert to win back former allies.  Maybe to win back popularity he did, but I think it would have just been a short cut in that regard.

And as Christians, are any of us perfect? No. So who are we to judge? I'm not going to judge his motivation, his truthfulness or his lifestyle then or now.  That's between him and God. I guess that might be libertarian of me to say.  But what matters to me is that his voice is one we can use on the right. He certainly knows how to get attention and most of us do not.

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