May 24, 2021

Holiday Linkaround

Here in Canada it's a holiday, celebrating Queen Victoria (the former Queen of England). I've got nothing against Queen Victoria. Victoria was a terrific leader, almost as great as Margaret Thatcher. Ive got nothing against Great Britain for that matter. True, they have a bunch of screwed up leftists running a lot of things over there, but so do we in Canada and so do you in the U.S. right now.  I can't hold that against them.  I am glad I've got the day off but I must admit that I'm a little miffed at my historical countrymen for not joining with the Revolution of 1776 and instead remaining beholden to the crown.

But you can't change history.

I'm also needlessly locked down on a beautiful sunny day, but at least I have my backyard, where I will be spending the rest of the afternoon.  So, in the absence of further posting, here are some interesting reads for you: 

The Federalist: Keep Mark Zuckerberg out of all U.S. elections Ya think?

Breitbart: China stages superspreader event   Is China using COVID to depopulate itself?

Gateway Pundit: Georgia may decertify it's election results. But how likely is that really?

American Thinker: The curious case of the BLM-loving Capitol riot provocateur who was paid $35K each by CNN and NBC To be honest, there's nothing curious about it, it's exactly what you'd expect

FrontPage Magazine: Biden Brings in Islamic Activists to Investigate U.S. Military for 'Extremism' How does this guy remain popular (according to the polls)???

American Greatness: Feet of Clay Icons Victor Davis Hanson, a reasoned and brilliant analysis as always

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